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Delivery & Returns

Delivery & Returns

Delivery Details

We offer a £15 flat rate international delivery charge.

Buyers from London and Ireland can expect to receive their purchase between 3-5 days*. All other countries can except their parcel within 10 working days.

Within 24 hours from receiving an order, DHL couriers will be booked to pickup the parcel.

DHL will then email you booking confirmation as well provide you with tracking information. This will enable to track the progress of delivery



Please write us if you need information concerning this or any other issue.


Standard expected delivery time from Australia to United Kingdom:

Order placed Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday/Sunday
Order received
Thursday Friday
Saturday Monday Monday Thursday



*Please note that Robe bag orders will postpone delivery time by an additional 2-4 days due to embroidery.



We are certain that you will like our products. If for any reason you aren’t satisfied, simply send it back to us and receive an exchange or full refund.


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