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Chancery wigs has been active for over a decade now. We are an online business, which means that we don’t have the burden of costs associated with ‘Brick and Mortar’ Stores. Given this, our retail pricing is significantly less than that of our competitors.

When designing our business, the first point of duty was to comprehensively analyse our fellow regalia suppliers. From there, we developed the Chancery Wigs ethos which is to offer significant savings on the same quality (if not better) products as our fellow suppliers, whilst still providing unsurpassed sales services.


Principle prerogatives;

1-      Provide A superior quality product, that is of same or better quality to our competitors

2-      Significant savings

3-      Outstanding and prompt service


1 = Our products can be viewed in high definition.

Annually, we visit our competitors to asses and scrutinise/compare products.


2 = We retail at substantially lower prices than other wig and robe retailers


3 = Our ordering process is straight forward and simple. Freight is also prompt = London, Singapore and Hong Kong: 3 days, Nigeria 5 to 7 days.


Emails are answered promptly, we have two members who work and rotate to cover 16 hours every day.

A full refund policy, no questions asked and no ill sentiment. {this is requested, approximately twice a year, over 500 transactions}, excluding shipment fees and Customs Duties/VAT paid to local authorities.

No refund will be provided for personalised items, such as Robe Bags with embroidery.


We appreciate that buying your robes is a costly undertaking, for your convenience; we have listed the local suppliers and link to their websites.


*Shipping fees exclude additional VAT and Customs Duty that may be charged by local governments. If any applies, our courier will contact you to proceed with payment where required.

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